About Longevitology

Longevitology (長生學) translates as “study of long life”.  Similar to other traditions of Asian medicine, Longevitology helps adjust the body’s energy flow (referred to as chi, qi or prana) and blood flow.  Illnesses result when the flow of chi is disrupted. By restoring proper energy flow we can optimize the conditions for the body to heal.

Just as plants draw the energy from the sun, our bodies also draw universal energy to replenish itself.  Our bodies receive universal energy through points on the body called chakrasChakras are the body’s energy centers, which regulate all its processes, from organ function to the immune system. When all chakras are operating properly, the body receives a harmonious flow of universal energy to support well-being and vitality.

After attending Longevitology classes, students will have their chakras opened and will be able to receive a sustainable flow of energy.  Students are then able to improve their health via meditation and self-healing exercise.  They are also taught how to apply Longevitology to improve the health of others.

Longevitology is not a business, and no individual receives financial compensation for their time and efforts. It is not a religion, and it has no political aspirations.

Nature of Longevitology

Longevitology is easy to learn and effective.  Practice and healing can be done at any time, any place.  From meditating to relaxing the mind, from receiving energy to directing the energy, no thoughts are necessary.  It does not require complicated body postures or movements.  The body acquires the required energy naturally, without any compulsion.  As such, there are no adverse side effects.  The body unites with the universe in a natural, relaxed manner to allow the development of our potential energy.  When this energy enters our body, our chi (or energy) and our blood flow smoothly, thus energizing every cell in our body and enabling every organ to function properly.  Good health can then be achieved.

Longevitology Healing

From our vast experience in teaching Longevitology, it has been ascertained that any cause of illness, be it from physical, mental, or spiritual causes, can be addressed if the practitioners extend their hands with compassion to help others.*

*It is important to note that Longevitology practice and energy adjustments are not a substitution for regular medical care. Persons experiencing any illnesses should always consult a physician.

Our Mission

Saving People Through Compassion
With love, patience, care and compassion, and without any expectations for fame, gain, reward, personal desire and greed, we aim to serve and contribute our love and care to society, in hope that our endeavors will help cultivate the kindness of human nature; thus making our families happier, our society more harmonized, our country stronger, and creating better well-being for mankind.