Longevitology is a practice involving the body, mind and the spirit. It originated from Dr. LIN Tze-Hung, a medical practitioner in Los Angeles, Califormnia. The goal of Longevitology is to train individuals to reach out with loving hands to help others suffering from pain, illness and distress by means of energy adjustments.  Today, our founders LIN Tze-Chen and WEI Yu-Feng travel globally to teach Longevitology free of charge to any who wish to learn. Through hands-on clinical experiences, Master Teachers Lin and Teacher Wei have refined the concepts, theories and methods to create a new path in the modern search for physical, mental and spiritual health–LONGEVITOLOGY.

林子珍LIN Tze-Chen - Founder
魏裕峰WEI Yu-Feng - Founder

Longevitology is not a business, and is entirely operated by volunteer members. No individual receives financial compensation for their time or efforts. It is not a religion, and it has no political aspirations. Longevitology groups are present in nations, including Taiwan, the US, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Austria and Belgium.