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Abilities can be gained through training and cultivation.
But mission is found through giving and charity.


Why Give?

“Give and take” is part and parcel of life.  In order to receive, we should first learn to give.


One must be willing to shoulder in order to accomplish.


Make a Difference

Upon completion of Longevitology classes, you will have the ability to help others.  Have confidence in yourself.  Don’t hold yourself back with the belief that you must attain a higher level before you can help others.  Improvement comes with practice and experience; progress comes with actions and not words or thoughts.  You needn’t believe that you must be rich or enlightened before you can help the poor or save mankind.

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The ability to act is a blessing, but the willingness to act is praiseworthiness.
The ability to give is wealth, but the willingness to give is abundance.


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